ASNC Stainless Steel Interlocking Puzzle Pendants $20.00
We are all connected. Individually we are all unique but when we come together, then we are truly complete.

Whether you are inspired by how we are all connected, want to show your support of Autism or just love puzzles, these beautiful and simple Stainless Steel Pendant sets will allow each of you to remember and share your special connection every time you wear it.

2 Interlocking Puzzle Pendant Dimensions:
Length: 23mm
Width: 22mm and 18mm
Thickness: 2mm
Metal: Stainless Steel
Comes with 2 Black Leather cord necklaces - 1.5mm that adjusts with slip knots.

A portion of proceeds of all our Puzzle Kollection benefit Autism Awareness.
Total Price: $20.00
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